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  • Free Initial Analysis
  • Detailed Turn-Key Installation Contract
  • Generator Placement
  • Natural Gas or Propane Hook-up
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Installation
  • Main Electrical Panel Coordination
  • Final Test
  • Total Electrical Requirements Study
  • Owner and Code Coordination
  • Emergency Business Needs for Electric Power
  • Generator Placement
  • All Necessary Hook-ups
  • State Requirements, if any, Addressed
  • Final Test
If you do not have natural gas and need a source for propane Houston Natural Energy has worked several companies to supply our customers with whatever size tank was needed or to even replace their old existing tanks. Propane is a clean and efficient source of energy that can be used throughout your home or business.

Every power generation project is unique, residential, commercial or industrial. The cost will vary based upon size, utility location and general location of generator.

For both Residential and Commercial applications, Houston Natural Energy provides Power Generation Systems ranging in size for selected circuits to whole house and commercial buildings. The Houston Natural Energy system is fully automatic; at the time of grid failure, the generator (depending on the brand) starts within 10 seconds and has complete power restoration within 20 seconds. When the grid returns, the switch turns the unit off and is ready for the next "Event". The size of the generators range from 7kW up to 1mW. The Systems are fueled by either Natural Gas or Propane and does not require any fuel handling by the owner.

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